Rain Sensor Size & Dimension

RG-11 Rain Sensor Dimension, back view

The rain sensor uses optical method to detect the presence of rain water, making it possible for the electronic to be entirely contained within its waterproof casing.

The sensor is small, portable in size (about 56 x 71 x 120mm), waterproof and there are no moving mechanical parts on it. This makes it easy for outdoor install.

Rain Sensor Dimension

The detail dimension of the rain sensor is as follows, to allow you to plan for your installation. The rain sensor size tolerance is about 1-2mm.

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Rain Sensor waterproof casing dimension
Rain Sensor Dimension (mm)

rain sensor dimension drawing on white background for printing on paper.

Rain Sensor dimension drawing details on white background for printing on paper.
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Rain Sensor Mounting

A stainless steel flat bar can be fabricated to mount this rain sensor.

Take attention to the 2 mounting hole for the rain sensor. The 2 holes have a diameter of Ø6.4mm for the mounting of the sensor.

Stainless steel M6 trimmed hex head screw and a stainless steel washer is recommended.

The flat bar size can be 18 x 3mm of length >38mm so that the rain sensor’s extended arm can sit on it. On the flat bar, there will be 2x M6 threaded holes that are 19mm apart, which allows the rain sensor to be firmly secured without the need for M6 nuts at the bottom side.

Top view of the arm for mounting

RG-11 Rain Sensor Dimension, top view of the mounting arm.

Bottom view of the arm for mounting

RG-11 Rain Sensor Dimension, bottom view of the mounting arm.

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