Quick Starter – Rain Sensor Settings

DIP Switches setup for mode 1 rain detector

Eager to test out your rain sensor now? This is a quick starter guide to help you familiar with your sensor.

  1. Open up the rain sensor’s dome with the 4 screws found at the bottom of the enclosure. Connect the power to P1 P2 (12V or 24V).
  2. You can set to the DIP switches (to rain sensing mode) as illustrated on the right (DIP switch 1 = ON, switch 5 = ON).
  3. Assembly back the rain sensor‘s enclosure.
  4. Spray or dip some water on top of the rain sensor clear dome cover. You should see a tiny green light glow in the centre of the circuit board. This green light indicates that relay output is triggered by the water.
  5. To test the sensor if it can detect a rain stop, just hold and wait for 2-3 minutes. You do not need to wipe off the water droplet on top of the sensor’s dome cover. You should see the green indicator light turn off after a period of about 2-3 minutes. This means that sensor has detected that the rain is stopped.
Quick Setting for Rain/Water Detection DIP Switch Settings
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
 Rain Detection (Sensitive) 1  0 0 0  1 0  0 0

For a more refined rain detection settings, please check out this sensor operation settings page “Mode 1 – Rain Sensing“.

This “Mode 1 – Rain Sensing” is the most popular and the simplest mode to use.

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