Product Information

USB I/O Controller (IOaT-U4)

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USB I/O Controller, IOaT-U4 product information

Software Features

  • Software for configuration, and testing.
  • Programming examples and support (Source code and libraries *.DLL).
  • Online product user guide and documentation.
    (Quick access to documentation via QR code scan found at the back of IOaT-U4)
    Quick access to IOaT-U4 documentation via QR code scan at the back.

Firmware Features

  • Arduino open-source firmware.
  • Selections of pre-programmed Arduino program for USB I/O controller.
  • Arduino sketch firmware programming.

Hardware Features

  • USB connectivity.
  • Easy to read power, I/O and status indicators.
  • Base on ATMEL microcontroller processor (ATmega32U4).
  • Simple and clear labeling.
  • Custom I/O port type.
  • Reset button.
  • Option communication port (RS232, RS485, RS422).
  • Multiple mode power input.
  • Can be powered entirely from USB.
  • Wide voltage input range (9-24Vdc or Vac).
  • Simple connector, pluggable screw terminal.
  • Small in size, light in weight.

Note: Standard input filter noise from switch glitches, having a response time of about 100msec. For high speed input application, we can  work on a customised firmware to cater specially for your application.

User Guide and Manual

Technical Specification

Communication: USB (Virtual Serial Communication Port)
Voltage Input: USB 5V, 9-24Vdc or 9-24Vac
Max Current Consumption: 0.5A
Max Power Consumption: 2.5W
Size:  90 x 65 x 28mm
Weight:  100g


Dimension for USB I/O Controller IOaT-U4