USB Interface

USB connectivity

USB I/O Controller, DC or AC power input

Introducing USB I/O Controller for your computer to electronic hardware control interfacing.

This product helps you control real world devices through a USB port on a computer. USB IO Controller is designed to be an interface between a computer and external electronic devices. It provides the computer with the ability to connect to digital sensors and control devices.

The USB IO has a nice black colour enclosure, small and handy in size. The casing is made of ABS material, which gives the IO controller its light weight.

There are currently 2 types of USB IO Controller models to choose from,

IOaT-U4, 4 port USB IO Controller would be recommended for a new user.

Programming Languages for USB I/O Controller

You can write software on your computer and start to read status from sensors and control machinery through a USB communication port. Coding examples in Java, Visual C#/C++ and Visual Basic are available to help you get started.

Java programming for I/O controllerAndriod programming for I/O Controller

Python I/O Controller programming

Visual C# I/O Controller programming

Visual Basic I/O Controller programming

Visual C++ I/O Controller programming

LabVIEW from National Instruments

MATLAB Simulink

Ready Arduino Programs to Choose from

Arduino Open-Source CommunityThis USB IO Controller behave more than simply a USB IO Controller. Its firmware can be programmed using the Arduino sketch IDE platform. There are many ready written solutions which you can installed into the controller immediately, without you to have any programming knowledge. For those who wants more, you can do your own Arduino programming on the controller as a standalone control device or any custom a behaviour to suit your particular application.

You can make this controller to become a timer triggered device or transform it into a data decode by just loading in the pre-programmed codes. These pre-programmed codes are a list of ready solutions developed for this USB IO Controller. They are freely available for public to download. You can choose from the list of ready solutions that you want this USB controller to become. Simply upload the pre-programmed codes onto this USB controller, and it will instantly become another device, behaving uniquely. One controller, many features. More new pre-program solutions will be available over time.

This product also allows you to have complete control over its operation. For those who are more adventures and is keen to customise your own algorithm, you can upload your own Arduino codes onto the ATMEL based controller. The codes are base on the popular Arduino sketch. There are examples and tutorial to help you get started. The design is compatible with Arduino Uno. There are examples and tutorials in the internet community as well.

Custom USB I/O Controller Solution

We can provide programming services to develop a custom algorithm for your unique application. The hardware can also be modified to suit your application use. We can also develop a software application which you can use directly for your application.

USB I/O Controller product

Check out the following USB I/O Controller available from IOanyThing,

Ethernet Interface
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