IOaT-U4 LED Indicator

Easy to Read Indicator

The I/O controller features easy to read indicator. Diagnosing your interfacing sensor and troubleshooting problem is now simpler with status indicators. You can now see your I/O taking real time action.

Easy to read I/O port indicators

Illuminated Light indicating the Input Port status.

Power Indicator

Power On indicator for I/O controller



Green LED light at the power socket indicates incoming power.

Input Status Indicator

The input port is indicated by a yellow LED light. Any trigger to the I/O port from the connected input interface (sensor or external electronics) will light up the respective I/O port.

The illuminated number provides instant status visually, indicating to you which connected I/O input is being triggered.

animated tiggered input gets illuminated.

Output Status Indicator

Animated output port activated.

The output port is indicated by a red LED light. This provides you with the status telling you how the controller is now controlling the external electronic devices.

Operation Indicators

There are 3 operational indicators (green, yellow, red) which you can use to see the operation status of the I/O controller. They have been programmed (by default) to indicate the controller behaviour. For custom development work, you can use these LED indicators for your own application or troubleshooting use.

The green LED represent the controller heart beat indicating that the controller is operating fine.


Controller operational indicator

The yellow LED indicates any data communication in action. A change in the indicator state (toggle light) represent a byte of data receive.

The last LED is red in color. It indicates an error occurred.