USB Control

USB I/O Controller using mini-B USB cable plug

Check out the small size USB I/O Controller. Use this USB interface to control electronic devices, home or office automation. You can also interface sensors and switch input to monitor the status of your wide range of electronic gadgets.

A software is provided which allows you to control your devices or monitor your sensors via this USB controller.

This USB controller is powered by Arduino framework. The source code is available which allows you to customise the algorithm to suit your application. This controller can also become a controller on its own without the need to be connected to a computer. Software tutorial and examples are also provided to help you get started quick with your computer application development.

Connect to your Computer with USB Cable Connection

USB I/O controllers with RS232 communication (optional feature)

The controller is designed to be very flexible. You can easily deploy it with your system because it can accept a wide range of power supply input. You can power up the controller through a pair of wires, with a DC barrel plug or directly with the USB cable.

The range of voltage input that can be accepted by this USB controller is very wide. Voltage of about 9-24V, Vdc or Vac will be able to operate it.

Easy to Monitor with Indicators Light

USB I/O Controller's indicators light, easy to see control output and sensor input

The LED light indicators turn on/off with respond to the input from your sensors or connect switches. The output also has its own indicator and lights up when you send a command to turn it on.

There is also 3 operational indicators. A green LED indicator represents the “RUN” operation. Its blinking light indicates a healthy heartbeat. The middle orange LED indicates toggles whenever there are any bytes sending over from the computer USB communication line. The last red colour LED indicates error. If the LED blinks or turns on, it means there is an error.

Connect to Sensors and Switches

USB control 2x input 2x output port

Interface to sensors and switches to monitor your system status via USB connection.

Control Various Electronic Devices

USB control I/O ports

Interface this USB controller from your computer to many other electronic devices.

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Check out more information for controlling and interfacing electronic with USB I/O Controller at IOanyThing.

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