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Rain Sensor for Singapore Garden City

Singapore is a tropical island in south east Asia. A beautiful garden city greenery with modern city skyline.

Being situated near the equator, Singapore has a tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, and high humidity all year round. Rainfall can reach 300mm in the monsoon season which is typically the year-end period from Nov to Jan from the Singapore weather statistics.

Rain Sensor is commonly deployed across the Singapore island to detect for raining weather.


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Rain Sensor

Rain Sensor for Garden City Tropical Weather


Rain Sensor Automated Garden Watering

Rain sensor can be used for gardening to automate the watering irrigation process. An automatic garden irrigation help reduces manpower and improves productivity.

A smart controller can be used together with the rain sensor to control the number of garden watering per day. When the weather is hot and dry, more watering will be done. During raining season, the number of watering is reduced. All these smart controls are possible with the help of rain sensor.

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grass patch water sprinkler system

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Rain Sensor for Automated Gates and Windows.

Some other use for rain sensor deployed in Singapore for gates, doors and windows control. Smart building controls the windows and gates for cooling the building. When the rain sensor detects raining condition the smart control system is able to close to prevent the place from getting wet.

If you are looking for a rain sensor for building automation control, check out our rain sensor page.


USB and Ethernet Connected Rain Sensor

Looking for a rain sensor for your computer?

Connect the rain sensor to your computer via USB port with IOanyThing USB I/O Controller.

For scalable network communication solution, check out this Ethernet I/O Controller for Rain Sensor.

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