Rain Sensor Malaysia

Malaysia land irrigation using rain sensor

Looking for a rain sensor for your automation pump/motor system or plantation irrigation in Malaysia?

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Automatic Plantation Land Irrigation in Malaysia

Malaysia situated in South East Asia, a tropical country (near the equator) having a significant GDP in agriculture. A large-scale plantation is allocated for crops such as palm oil, cocoa, rubber, durian, pineapples, rice, rambutan, banana, coconuts, etc…

Water irrigation system is often deployed across the huge land plantation to ensure sufficient hydration during the hot sunny day. A control system can monitor the weather condition with a temperature/rain sensor and irrigate the plantation when no rain is detected for a period of time.

Malaysia plantation irrigation

Rain Sensor for automated system

Rain Sensor Malaysia

Rain sensor can also be used to automate the closing of window, door or gates, keeping out the water.

Motor or pump can also be activated by a rain sensor, to pump or divert water flow.

This rain sensor can also perform various operation mode, for example, rainfall measurement (rain gauge), rain drop or rain pour detection.

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Malaysia plantation water irrigiation