Quick Start Guide for IOaT-E4

Ready to operate your IOaT-E4 Ethernet controller to control electronic devices and input sensors?

This is a quick start guide to assist you in getting familiar with your Ethernet I/O controller for the first time.



Quick Start Guide

Default IP Address :
Default IP Port : 10001

IOaT-E4 Ethernet I/O Controller

Parts Description

IOaT-E4 Parts Description

Powering Up

Power input and Ethernet communication port

Power Supply

You can power up this controller from a wide range of power supply. The controller can accept a very wide range of voltage from 7-24V. The recommended minimum current for the power supply is 1A. There is no harm to the controller if the supply current is more than 1A.

Powering up the I/O controller via a DC barrel socket plug   OR   Powering up the I/O controller via a screw pluggable terminal

Choice of Power Input

You can supply power via the DC barrel jack or the pluggable screw terminal.

Go ahead to switch on the power. You should notice that the green indicator near the power input is lighted up. This indicates that there is an incoming power supply.

The 3 indicator (green, yellow, red) should also get lighted up in a start up sequence. After the start-up sequence, the 3 LED will be off, followed shortly with the RUN indicator blinking continuously. This indicates that the unit is in operation.


Connect & Communicate

Connect Ethernet cable to IOaT-E4

Connect Network Cable

Connect up a network cable to the device’s Ethernet port.

Connect the I/O Controller Ethernet cable to a computer

Link to Computer

Connect Ethernet cable to your computer or network router/switch.

setup IP address for your computer

Configure Computer to the same network

In this example, we will connect it directly to a computer. Config your laptop network adapter to a static IP address of You do not need to set your computer if your local area network is already in the same subnet with the Ethernet I/O controller.

Ethernet I/O controller reset button to set factory default

Reset to Factory Default

The factory default IP address of the device is set at You can reset your controller ‘s IP address by holding on the reset button (located between I/O port 2 & 3). The 3 LED indicator will be flashing light. Allow the flashing to complete and hold onto the reset button. Once the 3 indicator stays permanently lighted up, you can release the reset button and the controller will be reset to the factory default.

Connected to the Ethernet I/O controller webserver through the web browser

Connected to I/O Controller

Once the network is connected and setup, you can check if the device can be connected via your web browser. Enter in the default IP address in the browser URL field. The browser should load up a page similar to the one on the left. This indicates that the Ethernet controller is connected to your computer.


Control I/O

Now that you have already connect to the I/O controller, you can send commands via TCP/IP connection to control output and read input. The default device address is at, port 10001.

The following are some program which you can test and send the commands,


Programs for Testing I/O Controller

  • IOaT-E4 software application
  • WinOS Hyperterminal program
  • Docklight communication test software
  • WinOS Telnet terminal


Commands to Toggle Output IO3

Send a command to toggle the output port IO3. You should see the number 3 at IO3 light up after sending the following command.

Send data bytes (in hex) :
{ 0x03 0x4F 0x50 0x30 0x33 0x0D 0x0A }
String equivalent :


Commands to Read Input IO1

Connect a pushbutton switch to the input port IO1. You should get a return response indicating the input IO1 status when the switch is pressed.

Reponse data bytes (in hex) :
{ 0x03 0x49 0x50 0x30 0x31 0x30 0x31 0x0D 0x0A }
String equivalent :


More Commands to Have Fun With

Please refer to the documentation for more IOaT-E4 Ethernet I/O Controller commands.


Need More Help?

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Ethernet I/O Controller to control output actuator and read sensor input

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