Ethernet Control

Ethernet I/O controller, control devices and connect to sensors

Introducing Ethernet I/O Controller to control your electronic device via the internet network.

This controller allows you to interface to output electronic devices like external motors, lighting, relay. It can also interface to switches and sensors. All these are controlled via the network. Simply control and read sensor information by communicating through the network TCP/IP protocol.

Control is simple. Software, examples and tutorial available to help you quick start your implementation.

Connect to the Internet Network via Ethernet Cable Connection

Control devices via internet network using Ethernet I/O Controller

Connect the controller to the network via the Ethernet cable (RJ45 plug).

Easy to Monitor with Indicators Light

Easy to monitor indicator light

Indicator light provides a simple means of physical monitoring I/O status (input/output) of your external devices, switch status and sensor input.

Troubleshooting of device interfacing is made easier. You can now see the problem at a glance from these status indicators.

Connect to Sensors and Switches

Input Output I/O port for Ethernet control via internet network

Input ports are available to allow you to connect to sensors and switches. It can also be a means to detect status from another external electronic device.

The default IO configuration (IOaT-E4) comes with 2x input and 2x output IO ports. IOaT-E4 allow custom order for more input ports, depending on your requirement. Customisation services of the controller’s behavior (standard algorithm) for your application is also available.

Control Motors and other Electronic Devices

Ethernet network control electronic product

Output ports allow you to control external devices like a motor, EM door lock, latches, relay or other electronic devices. The standard IOaT-E4 controller comes with 2x input and 2x output IO ports. IOaT-E4 is flexible enough to accommodate up to 4x output ports.

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